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Curiosities Gardens of Edward James – Las Pozas (San Luis Potosí)

At the beginning of the twentieth century a rich English Lord came to Mexico. Edward James was a poet, a dreamer, living in his own world of fantasy. Edward had a lot of money and so one day he decided to make his dream a reality. Not too far from Mexico City ,he built Las Pozas in a green hot and very humid area called Husteca Potosina. In the middle of the jungle with few natural falls and a small river he built man sized magic mushrooms, imaginary steps to heaven, doors that lead nowhere, stairs under the water, huge flamingos and bamboo walls…not quite from bamboo… He built his own world of fantasy.
What here:  
How to get here:
The best way is to take a bus from Mexico City and go to a small village on the north called Xilitla. The village itself is nothing special but the views to the surrounding green mountains are fabulous. Here you should stay overnight. There are a few ordinary cheap hotels or one luxurious and very special possibility of accommodation. El Castillo. El Castillo used to be the house of Edward. Now it is rebuilt as a hotel that looks more like a haunted castle (60 to 100 dollars a night). In the morning take a cab to Las Pozas, it´s about a 15 minutes drive. At the entrance they have a nice café-restaurant. The gardens are huge. You could easily spend the whole day here. Usually it rains but on a sunny day you might want to dive into one of the small rivers or falls (it is allowed!) - so take a swimsuit.