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Curiosities Volcano Popocatépetl and Iztaccíhuatl (Estado de Mexico)

I have to admit I have never quite climbed to the top. But believe me I tried! But we either came too late and they wouldn´ t let us go up anymore, or snow fell and we did not have the proper gear or Popo was fuming and the army would not let anyone pass. Anyway, while Popo is an erect volcano (5452m), the opposite Iztla looks more like a woman laying on her side. According to a náhuatl legend, a young warrior fell in love with beautiful Iztla. In order to deserve her and gain the respect of her father he had to leave to go to war. After a few shocking month without news, a messenger came and said the warrior had died. Iztla died from despair. When the warrior returned (pretty much alive) and found Iztla dead, he carried her to the top of a hill where he laid her down, fell to his knees and with screams of anger died too. The Gods did not take mercy (as you might expect) but covered them with branches and snow and transformed them into two mountains. Iztla formed to a mountain with a silhouette of woman laying on her side and the warrior into an upright volcano that until now, here and there, whiffs with anger.
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Buses from Mexico City (TAPO) or Cholula and Puebla can leave you on the highway under a big bridge. From here “pesero”, local minibuses leave to a city called Amecameca. You can spend the night here and the next morning hire a cab to take you to a sort of base camp “Paso del Cortés”. Before the climb you have to register here. If you come after midday, it is very likely they won´t let you go up anymore. Trips are organized from Mexico City as well.