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Curiosities Volcano Nevado de Toluca (Estado de México)

One of the most spectacular volcanos of Mexico (4690m). But hey, very cold and windy. Its peak is, with the exception of few summer months, covered in snow. It has two azure lakes - “Lago del Sol” and “Lago de la Luna” which shine among the grey stone surface and an occasional cactus.

Visit Nevado de Toluca with me. You can find this destination in the offer of one day organized tours from Mexico City.
What here:  
How to get here:
The best option is by car or on an organized tour.

The more adventurous way is to take a bus from Mexico City (Terminal Poniente) to Toluca. From Toluca bus station local buses will take you nearby and leave you at the crossroads in the middle of pine forest Do not walk. It would be madness. Try to get a drive from some of the very few cars that pass by. It is about another half an hour by car or even more! You can get as far as to a neighboring peak where there is a small shack or a house of the guard. Now you can walk. From here, it´s about another 20 minutes to the volcano and its lakes. You can also take a cab to drive you all the way from Toluca bus terminal.