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Curiosities Waterfalls Misol - Há (Chiapas)

Not far from Palenque, you can find a nice waterfall Misol – Há. The water falls from 35 meters into a deep dark blue-green lake surrounded by tropic vegetation and huge stones. The entire place is well taken care of, it has a restaurant, parking lot and some very pretty bungalows where you can spend the night.
What here: You can swim in the lake below the waterfall if you want to, but you must take the path that leads along the rock, under the curtain of the falling water all the way to a little cave. At the entrance they will charge you additional 10 pesos and rent you a flashlight. Climbing in the absolute dark (they give you a very small flashlight) over the rocks and shallow water, after about twenty meters you come to a cave with yet another waterfall and a lake (smaller version of the big one outside). It might be scary, but there is no danger (in the worst case you slip the rock and wet your shoes a bit). It is a small bonus adventure of Misol – Há.

Entrance fee. Get ready to pay it twice. First coming on the road a cooperation Adolfo Ruiz Cortines will charge you 5 pesos per person, then at the official entrance a cooperation Ejidal Cascada de Misol – Há will want another 15. This is because of territory disputes between these two „ejidos“. The whole thing is rather complicated, it is difficult to judge who has the right, but in any case the fees are so low, it should not ruin the experience from visiting this pretty place.

Where to stay: 
If you ask me, I think the best option is to stay in the bungalows at the waterfall. They have a small terrace and own bathroom and the price is fine (290 pesos/double,, tel: 01-55-5151 3377). The other option is Palenque or San Cristóbal.

How to get here: If you have a car, follow the road 199 Palenque – Ocosingo. The entrance to Misol – Há is about 15 minutes drive from Palenque. You can also catch one of the „colectivos“ that will leave you at the crossroads (from here you have to walk about 1 km to the park entrance). Many tourist agencies in Palenque or San Cristóbal organize daily trips to Misol – Há (usually combining it with Agua Azul and sometimes even Agua Clara).