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Curiosities Basaseachi Waterfall (Chihuahua)

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In a forestry part of Barancas del Cobre, not far from a beautiful waterfall Basaseachi is situated a small village that bears the same name. Few houses, log-cabins, simple food shops and one street that is Basaseachi village. No matter how romantic this place might sound it is not exactly suitable for long night walks.
The neighbourhood is filled with gold and silver mines and many mineworkers, some came from very far away. There used to be a „pueblo fantasma“ nearby (abandoned mining village or „ghost city“) but the mines were recently put to work again.
What here:
To get to the Basaseachi fall (246 meters) you have to walk some 3 km on the only street there is in the village. Straight. On the way you will pass a small booth where after 10 pm a fee of 50 pesos is charged. Then you get to a small entrance square, here you can get a bite or some local souvenirs. From here a nice path leads you over a suspension bridge and through pine hills, along the river to the fall (easy 15 minutes walk). Now you are at the top of the watterfall and can get some amazing views into the canyon. However to see the whole fall (from a viewpoint „La Ventana“) or to get to the bottom of the gully you have do much more walking. The nicely paved path changes into a dirt track that later disapears completely and you, led by pure instinct, will have to climb over huge stones. But it is hard to get completely lost. Count that it will take you about one hour to get down (with plenty of time to take pictures) and another hour to get up (snorting and sweating).
For those who have more time (and strenght), there is another view point that gives perhaps a better view „San Lorenzo“. To this one you can also get by car from Basaseachi village (9km).
In the morning the waterfall is in the shadow, but the walk is easier.
Here, in Candameña Canyon, you can also find the longest waterfall in Mexico, Piedra Volada (453 meters!). However to get to it you need a fourwheel vehicle and enough time.
Where to stay:
Cabañas del Huerto: A nice cottage at the end of the village (1km from the main road). It only has 3 rooms, all equally tastfully furnished. Two double beds (with great matraces), tv (with the only local channel), wooden ceilings, bathroom and a heater. You can use the shared kitchen or ask them to prepare you breakfast or lunch.
Price: 400-500 pesos. On your right, at the end of the village, about 1 km from the main road where buses stop. Tel: (635) 457 3096


Cabañas El Rincon: A complex of rustical cabins in a forest situated some 200 meters from the village (little further than Cabañas del Huerto but still on the same street). The rooms look like mountain cottages with little kitchen, dining area and bathroom. Each has its own wood stove (during the winter wood is provided, but the rest of the year you have to pay for it). Outside grills are available. The electricity is solar, there are no plugs in the rooms, but you can charge your appliances in the reception. Do not count on having Tv, this is nature! Shoudn’t you like bunkbeds it could be a problem…
The owners organize tours of the surounding (Piedra Volada, rappelling the waterfalls, rafting or ziplining for groups - minimum of 6.
Price: 700-1000 pesos (cabins from 4 to 10 people). In the wood, on the left side, about 1,2 km from the main road where bus leaves you. Tel: (625) 582 1943,,


Another option is camping. There is a free camping area in the national park Basaseachi (you only have to pay the entrance fee to the waterfall).The village also counts with one simple hotel.

How to get here: By bus from La Junta (168 pesos). Get ready that the bus will slowly, really slowly, climb the curves among the hills and you will get some pretty nice views of the landscape. The buses stop at the crossroad (with the only village street). Here in a yellow house (Restaurant Betty) you can then buy tickets for your return trip. Buses leave to Junta at 7am, midday and then „sometime after 3pm, it depends“ (the exact words of señora Betty).
You can also take a direct bus from Chihuahua (293 pesos).