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Curiosities Water Park Las Estacas (Morelos)

Do you feel like you need to dive into clear water, rest under the palm trees and get a nice suntan? I totally understand. Problem. You are in Mexico City and the closest beach trip would take at least couple of days? Never mind. Pack your sun towel and get to Las Estacas. Two hours south from Mexico City, this beautiful nature water park is just what you are looking for. The crystal clear water comes from various springs and forms a wide river with a mild current. Lay down into the water and let yourself being taken through tropic green and tall palm trees. There are some artificially made swimming-pools, mini-golf, a restaurant, enough space for making your own barbecue or picnic and should you want to, you can stay overnight. Las Estacas offer camping area, trailer park, hostel and hotel accommodation. It might get crowded in the central part but you will always find a quiet corner, the park is quite big. Las Estacas is a perfect place to escape from Mexico City for a one day trip.

Open: 365 days from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. Entrance fee: 305 pesos, 190 pesos (for kids shorter than 1,25 m) or free (for those shorter than 90 cm).

What here:  
How to get here: By car: Get on the highway from Mexico City to Acapulco. Once in Cuernavaca turn to Yautepec, pasing Yautepec take a right turn towards Jojutla. After some 15 to 20 minutes drive you will see signs leading you to Las Estacas.

Or I can arrange a safe private transport from Mexico City and back.