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Curiosities El Chepe (Chihuahua)

While traveling on the north of Mexico, in the Cooper Canyon, jump on the famous Chepe train. The railway goes through some amazing countryside. It wreathes like a snake among green mountains and crosses rivers or disappears in perhaps too many dark tunnels. At some point it goes through areas where there are no streets anymore and the train is the only mean of transport. The train counts with toilets and a simple bar/restaurant. While on Divisadero it makes a stop for about 20 minutes and you can use the time to take a quick picture of the canyons or get a bite. There are many cheap and good food stands. I recommend the „chile relleno burrito“ (burrito with a cheese stuffed pepper).
What here: Sit, eat and enjoy the beautiful countryside through grubby windows.
How to get here:
Chepe runs between Chihuahua city and Los Mochis, but it makes many stops (Cuauhtemoc, Creel, Divisadero, Posada Barrancas, Bahuichivo, Temoris and El Fuerte) on the way. You can get on it in any stop or just take it for a part of the journey. There are two trains actually, first class and economy. For the first class you can buy a ticket in the stops, but economy you just jump in and hope there will be a seat available. You pay inside once the train comes which could be a long time after its actual schedule.
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