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Curiosities Prismas Basálticos (Hidalgo)

The nature got playful and one day (millions of years ago) created these incredible geometrical high poles from basalt. According to local (quite limited) information provided they are the result of quickly cooled lava. 30 to 50 meters high, they decorate the walls of a gully „Alcholoya“. Several waterfalls run down the walls and meet in a small river on the bottom. As time goes by some of the poles broke off and felt down creating sort of stairs that look perfect for climbing. They are, however, very slippery and you should not try to climb them.
The place has a suspended bridge over the gully, several view points from which you can also see a nearby Hacienda Sta. María Regla, shops with food and souvenirs and is overall well preserved.

Visit Prismas Basálticos with me. You can find this destination in the offer of one day organized tours from Mexico City.

What here: There is a small dam, San Antonio, right next to the Prismas Basálticos. You can rent a boat and explore the rests of an old hacienda that was lost below the water when the dam was created. You can still see its high chimney and rests of some walls. If you want to see an entire hacienda I suggest you visit Sta. María Regla which is just about two km from here. You can also rent a flight in a balloon (more information in hotel Rangel, Huasca de Ocampo).
The park entrance fee: 50 pesos.

Where to stay:

The best option probably is to stay in a nearby village Huasca de Ocampo (pueblo mágico), where you find a choice of hotels and restaurants.

In the very park Prismas Basálticos they offer cottages for four to eight persons (1500 to 2100 pesos). They have tv, fireplace and a small kitchen, but they look more like small houses rather than rustic „cabañas“. Should you travel on low budget you can also camp here for 80 pesos a person.

Another option is to stay overnight in the ex-hacienda Sta. María Regla (1000 to 1800 pesos)

How to get here: Ba car. From Mexico City follow the highway 35D to Pachuca. Before entering Pachuca turn right direction to Huejutla or Tampico (or you can go through Pachuca as if to the center and then turn towards Real del Monte). When you pass Omitlan turn right again and follow the signs to Huasca. From Huasca de Ocampo it is only another 5 km to the park Prismas basálticos. The entire journey from Mexico City takes about 2 hours.

By bus. It is a little complicated. Buses go from Mexico City (Terminal Norte) to Pachuca where you need to change to local transport to get to Huasca. From here, take a cab.