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Curiosities Peña del Aire (Hidalgo)

About 3 hours drive north from Mexico City you can find an amazing countryside you will not believe is from Mexico! Red soil with low trees resemble Africa. The entire plateau all of a sudden cracks and opens into a huge and deep canyon with a big monolith called Peña del Aire sitting dangerously above the abyss. The place is not very well known, so people are scarce here which is something very refreshing for Mexico! You are more likely to encounter sheep or chickens than humans.

Visit Peña del Aire with me. You can find this destination in the offer of one day organized tours from Mexico City.

What here: The dirt road offers few stops from which you get amazing views into the canyon, the monolith itself isn´t that impressive, I think. But you can find it on the very end of the road where is a parking lot (ok, lets just say there is a lot of space). On the weekends there would also be one or two very simple food stands, but the food is great and extremely cheap!

On the way to Peña del Aire you can stop in Prismas Basálticos (interesting basalt formations) or check some of the old haciendas in the region, the best probably is St. María Regla. Lunch could be accomplished in Huasca de Ocampo, a lovely village about 40 minutes drive from the canyon.

Should you wish to stay overnight there are good accommodation possibilities in Huasca, Prismas Basálticos o Real del Monte.

Entrance fee: 10 pesos (or according to the mood of the person guiding the entrance :)
How to get here: Let me say its quite tricky. Once you are in Huasca, you need to drive towards Hacienda Juan Huyeapan where the asphalt ends and the bumpy dirt road starts. You will encounter few challenging crossroads. Keep asking for directions (if there is anyone to ask to except from chickens and sheep along the road).