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Curiosities Malverde, The Saint of Drug Lords (Sinaloa)

Today, Malverde is just a plaster statue of a guy with a huge mustache adorned and respected by all drug dealers. But years ago, according to a local Sinaloa legend, Malverde used to be a real person. A thief that took to the rich and gave to the poor (well, at least sometimes). He was kind of like a Mexican Robin Hood. Because a long time ago, drug dealers also used to give to the poor people (they help construct schools, roads, gave jobs, even though the deal was to buy silence), Malverde somehow became their saint. Today, here in Culillacán (Sinaloa) he has his chapel - a very strange glass building. The walls inside are covered with photos of people who came here asking for miracles. There are pictures from small babies or normal looking people to faces of guys you would never want to meet. There are also tablets giving thanks for the miracles such as “Thank you for getting Pedro from the prison”. The statue of Malverde is surrounded by plastic flowers and a few toy guns with a simple light bulb swinging over it. When I was here, in the back room, there were a few golden coffins leaning against the wall. Testimony that even Malverde is not so almighty.
What here:  
How to get here: Get to Culillacán by bus or plane. The drug dealers city is new, “modern” and ugly. Streets are empty and the sun is burning. No tourists. The chapel is close to the city centre and you can easily reach it by walking or by a cab. If you have time (and courage) you can also visit a city a little bit further north called Badiraguato. It is famous for its cemetery. Supposedly it is here where the biggest drug capos rest.