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Curiosities The Lakes of Montebello (Chiapas)

Very close to the border with Guatemala a natural park called Lagunas de Montebello can be found. Its 59 lakes have either deep azure or green water and contrast beautifully with the pine woods all around. They were formed from ancient cenotes (caves filled with water). The air is crispy and the water is rather refreshing.
The trip to the lagoons could be combined with „cascadas El Chiflón“, which has one of the biggest waterfall in the region. Many organized trips can be bought from the local travel agencies in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas.

What here: The water is somewhat cold but nobody says you can´t swim. Or rent a boat, maybe I should rather say „few merged trunks of wood“ on the most visited lake Montebello. Most places, you will find small souvenir shops or food stands (with local food and local standards of hygiene, I hope you know what that means).
Should you visit the waterfalls „El Chiflón“, get on the track to the highest viewpoint (less than an hour walk). From here you can see the huge veil of white water falling from about 120 meters. You can also do ziplining here.
How to get here: Should you have a car, just follow the 190 road from Comitán to Tziscao, it will take you to the very entrance of the park.
Should you not have a car, it could be a slightly more complicated. Local transport from San Cristóbal or Comitán towards Tziscao can drop you on the way and pick you up again (if you are lucky). However there are distances between the lakes. Other option is to buy a trip with one of the travel agencies in San Cristóbal. In any case count that this is a whole day trip.