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Curiosities Cascades Agua Azul (Chiapas)

Bluish-green water runs over orange colored rocks in the middle of lush tropical vegetation. The path that leads all the way up is surrounded from one side by the waterfall, from the other by food and souvenir stands (unfortunately, these are represented in a somewhat overwhelming number). You can find fresh fruit, grilled corn, fried „empanadas“, or real restaurants with long menus and express coffee machine.

Attention: It is not the best idea to come during the rainy season, or soon after. The water is muddy and far from bright blue.
What here: Many people come to spend the whole day. Eat in one of the many restaurants or make your own picnic and then swim in the small ponds where it is safe. You can find some right at the entrance or all the way up on the top of the waterfalls. These are somewhat nicer and without many observers. Should you have more time, you can visit the nearby waterfall Misol – Há.

Entrance fee: The fee is 25 pesos plus an occasional extra fee charged by Zapatista community. The area of Agua Azul is a place of territory conflict that is difficult to resolve. Sometimes, these conflicts get more serious, it is advisable to consult the momentary situation with local travel agencies or read the paper.
How to get here: Those with an adventurous heart could go by their own car. Following the roads 186 and 199 from San Cristóbal (4 hours) or the road 199 from Palenque (1 hour). The scenery is fantastic, however, it will be hard to enjoy it considering the holes, fog, mudslides, rockslides and roadslides (missing parts of the road) that you will most likely find on the way. By the way it is said, that this is the street with the highest number of retarders in the entire Mexico. After sunset, the place is also a favorite spot for armed assaults. But what do you know, you might get lucky.

Should you not feel so adventurous, you can take any „colectivo“ (public transport) from Ocosingo or Palenque. Other option is to buy a trip from a travel agency (San Cristóbal o Palenque). Those often combine Agua Azul with the Misol – Há waterfall.