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Curiosities Hierve el Agua (Oaxaca)

In the midst of the mountains, about two hours drive from the colonial city Oaxaca, lie petrified waterfalls. The water rich in minerals rises from few cracks in the rock, forms small ponds at the top (where you can swim) and runs down the mountain. The small drops have trickled over the mountainside for more than 2500 years, and once dry, they created this thick white-yellow petrified waterfall. It falls into a deep canyon surrounded by green hills with cactus and other bushes. In the air predatory birds can be spotted.
What here:
Up in the mountains, where few bigger ponds have formed, you can take a bath (thanks to the minerals the surface and bottom are somewhere rough and somewhere rather slippery). The water is surprisingly icy, not thermal as one would expect (I certainly did). The air could be refreshing as well, especially during the winter. But during the hot months Hierve el Agua could be a very nice place to visit.
You can also take the track that leads to the other waterfall, it takes about 20 minutes walk.
The park offers bathrooms, stands with Mexican food and souvenirs, and of-course great views to the Oaxaca countryside.
Opens daily, entrance fee 20 pesos.
How to get here:
Take a bus from the Oaxaca second-class bus terminal to Mitla. The buses are not fancy (quite the opposite actually) but they leave every ten minutes and cost only 14 pesos. As far as I know there are no first class buses anyway. After about an hour and fifteen minutes the bus leaves you in front of the entrance to the Mitla town, where other „colectivos“ wait. These small trucks, once filled with people, take you all the way to Hierve el Agua (45 minutes, 16 pesos). The drivers have their foot firmly on the accelerator not considering the bad road, many curves or the altitude…
Should you not be the type for such an adrenaline drive, you can also buy the same trip from one of the travel agencies in Oaxaca. Their white minivans climb the mountains definitely with more care. The whole day trip costs around 300 pesos and includes the visit to Mitla pyramids and Tula huge 2000 years old tree as well.