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Curiosities Hacienda de San Jacinto Ixtoluca (Morelos)

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Be brave. The ruins of an old hacienda stand hidden among the green hills of Morelos, far away from any signs of civilization runaround by river from both sides. The stone walls are marbled by the trunks and roots of white trees. The sun penetrates into the labyrinth through the tiny holes in the dense foliage. Hacienda de San Jacinto Ixtoluca lays here deserted and forgotten.

Should you count with a car, the trip is easy and the journey is very enjoyable (few hours south from Mexico City through beautiful countryside). Should you not count with a car, you better pack some good nerves, lots of patience, fluent Spanish and a brave heart. I wanted to give up in Jojutla after people were sending me from one local bus to other, like a ping pong ball. Nobody knew. Except for one young boy, one hour later.
You need to get into the only bus (signed Santa Cruz) that leaves you nearby. After about 30 minutes of a slow ride through green hills full of cows and donkeys, the driver stops in front of a path lined by cactuses. Follow this path. Until you come to a big rusty closed gate. Do not stop. Take away the big rusty chain, open the gate and enter. The other, maybe less intrusive, possibility is to follow the path on your left that will lead you to the ruins from behind. The thing is, the ruins are really ruins, nobody really takes much care of the place except for one local keeper and he is not always there. He appears though when it is time to charge you a small commission for entering.
What here: Hacienda de San Jacinto Ixtoluca was built in the 16th century. Apart from the ruins, the place counts with nice green lawns, two more or less maintained swimming pools and a “palapa” where you can prepare your barbecue. You can take a walk around the ruins, the surrounding hills or go down to the river and refresh yourself. It is a nice place to spend a lazy afternoon. You can also stay overnight, either in your own tent or in one of the very rustic rooms made out of the stable. They don't count with private bathrooms and even though they have beds and mattrasses, I suggest you bring your own sleeping bag.


Entrance 25 pesos. Tent 60 pesos a person, room 200 pesos a person. You need to bring food (you can buy some cold drinks from the guard).

How to get here: From Mexico City (Terminal Tasqueña) take either a direct bus to Jojutla (109 pesos) or one to Cuernavaca and then Jojutla. There are many more connections to Cuernavaca plus it is a very nice place to spend the night. From Cuernavaca every 30 minutes leaves a bus to Jojutla (29 pesos, one hour). Once in Jojutla, get off left from the bus terminal and up the street about 8 blocks. There somewhere you should see big white old bus with a sign “Santa Cruz”. For 10 pesos, and after 30 minutes, this bus leaves you in front of the path that leads to the hacienda. Buses to Santa Cruz leave every hour and does not run late in the evening.