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Curiosities Hacienda Santa María Regla (Hidalgo)

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It was the very first hacienda in the region dedicated to processing the gold and silver from the nearby hills. The former residence of Pedro Romero de Terreros, the Spanish earl from Regla, is today a beautiful mixture of old buildings (some of them reconstructed into a hotel) a chapel, gardens and secret tunnels. Today it is a place where weddings, baptisms, business meetings and other ceremonies are held. You can also come, just to make a romantic trip and stay overnight or should you wish to, just pay the entrance fee and see it.

Visit hacienda Santa María Regla and Prismas Basálticos with me. You can find this destination in the offer of one day organized tours from Mexico City.

What here: Hacienda Santa María Regla is situated very near the basalt high poles called Prismas Basálticos. Actually the little river that runs through them enters (in a form of small waterfalls) the hacienda gardens. Nearby you can visit other haciendas or a magic city Huasca de Ocampo. You can explore a big canyon that is located just about half an hour drive (preferably four- wheel) from Sta. María Regla. Instead of climbing up, all of a sudden huge abyss opens on your right, just few meters from the road. The countryside resembles Africa (don´t ask me why) and at the end there is a huge rock formation balancing over the canyon, „peña del aire“.

Where to stay:
The hotel rooms are in the original building, which means that they are beautifully authentic as well as cold and dark (thanks to the massive stone walls and small windows). But hey, it is part of the adventure! If you want the „ordinary“ room, I suggest you ask for those with French window and a view to the countryside. There are also suites, the one for the newly- weds has jacuzzi, piano (that doesn´t really play) and a canopy bed.
Price: 1000 – 1800 pesos. Tel: (55) 5938 4858,

Entrance fee (selftour): 50 pesos plus 25 for a camera.

How to get here: By car. From Mexico City follow the highway 35D to Pachuca. Before entering Pachuca turn right direction to Huejutla or Tampico. When you pass Omitlan turn right again and follow the signs to Huasca. From Huasca de Ocampo it is only another 7 km to the hacienda Sta. María Regla. The entire journey from Mexico City takes about 2 hours.

By bus. It is a little complicated. Buses go from Mexico City (Terminal Norte) to Pachuca where you need to change to local transport to get to Huasca. From here, take a cab.