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USA Valley of Fire state park (Nevada)

In the middle of nowhere, in the middle of a deserted land with just a few cactuses and spiced bush, all of a sudden bright red cliffs rise as if growing directly from the grey landscape. Curved and shaped by wind and water, holey rocks literally „burn“ in the afternoon warm sunshine. And the black asphalt road crawls among them as a snake. This is the Valley of Fire, the oldest state park of Nevada.
Should you be tired of gambling, drinking and partying in Las Vegas, take a car and make a one day nature trip to this valley, it is situated only about one hour drive from the Sin City. Don’t forget a hat, sunscreen, water and some snack, the drive through the park could be long and the visitor’s center offers only basic refreshment. During summer months Valley of Fire can get hellishly hot (easily 120 Fahrenheit), best time to travel is spring and autumn. Bear in mind that late evenings and nights could get really cold here.

What here: If you would like to see every bit of the red rock formations, have at least 3 hours of time for the park tour. Apart of red rocks, you can also see some interesting white cliffs, old petroglyphs and desert animals such as chipmunks and lizards. You can drive your car through the park, stopping at most interesting points; at some places you can also do hiking. The visitor’s center is located in the middle of the park.

Entrance fee: 10 USD/car

How to get here: Follow the 15 Interstate (direction to Sault Lake City) from Las Vegas for about 80 km. Take turn at 169 (direction Valley of Fire). At the intersection there is a small Indian casino, gas station and a shop where you can get your snacks (cheap alcohol and great dry meat!). I suggest you do not return the same way, but rather drive through the park all the way to the Lake Mead and then return to Vegas from the other side passing Boulder City. It is longer but way more interesting.

If I am right, Pink Jeep company organizes trips to Valley of Fire from Las Vegas.