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USA Santa Fe (New Mexico)

Should you be somewhere in New Mexico (US) and looking for a really pretty town to hang in one or two days, visit Santa Fe (about 70 000 people). You can reach it easily driving about one hour north from Albuquerque. Santa Fe is made out of low adobe houses spread out in a dry barren land, decorated by trees. In autumn leafs gain various colors and make the main city park look just beautiful. Instead of huge American shopping malls you are more likely to find small artsy galleries and good restaurants (many with Mexican food). Shopping is great (if you have a full wallet :). Jewelry, tradition hand-made ceramics and carpets, leather and more… Santa Fe will amaze you with its creativity and tranquil laid back ambient. The climate is sunny, but fresh, we are talking about 2000 meters above sea level.

What here: You´ll find most movement on the main square/park and around. Covered by shade along the main buildings Native Americans sell their hand made goods, finer and more expensive products can be found in galleries (all around, might as well try the Canyon Road … east from the historic center). There are also some interesting churches, tine ones, ones covered in mysteries (Loretto Chappel) and a big, nicely decorated cathedral.
How to get here: By car from Albuquerque, follow the 25 about one hour north. There is also a small airport.