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USA Las Vegas (Nevada)

Someone once told me: „Why to travel around the world when you can see the whole world in Vegas?“. And it is ALMOST true. There is an Egyptian pyramid, Eiffel tower, canals with boats like in Venetia, volcano throwing hot lava, small Manhattan and even the Statue of Liberty! Of-course, everybody speaks just English (thought Spanish is becoming very popular) and the culture experience is limited to: gambling, sex and alcohol.

Las Vegas was established in the year 1905 in the middle of nowhere. Hick town surrounded by nothing but dessert served mainly as a one-night sleepover place for people traveling between Salt lake City and Los Angeles. And these people were looking for fun! First „resort“ was El Rancho, then The Last Frontier, none of them survived till today. But the real establisher of today’s Vegas is probably R. E. Griffith, man who built Flamingo, MGM, and MGM Grand, man who invited stars like Elvis Presley and Barbra Streisand, man who knew how to make money!

What here: Las Vegas is not a place to save money! Spend it. Gamble, have a big steak, hire a limo or a sports car, hop on a helicopter to flight over the night Strip, get insane 300 meters above Earth on Stratosphere’s crazy rides (

Where to stay:
Strip is the best place, the happening place. There are plenty hotels on it or around. The most luxurious ones are: the new ARIA, Belagio, Venetian and Wynn. On the other hand the Downtown (Freemont Street) offers some cheap options (but not so safe).

Eat and drink:
Try Outback restaurant (South Las Vegas Blvd.) for a great steak and Belagio’s nightclub HYDE for a great night drink and astonishing view!

How to get here: Las Vegas has a huge national and international airport, almost at the Strip (Las Vegas Blvd.). Cabs from the airport to the Strip hotels cost around 20 USD. There is a public bus regular service along the Strip, but further around you will need a car.