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USA Grand Canyon National Park (Arizona)

When we were approaching Grand Canyon, a friend asked me: „Is this going to be just another bunch of red rocks?“. „Not quite“, I said thinking how do I explain the magnitude, the beauty and greatness of this place. Finally I stopped at the edge and let him see. The afternoon sun was coloring the different layers of rocks and cliffs, clouds were casting shadows over the landscape and wherever we could see there was just and only the Grand Canyon.

This unique place was formed through millions of years by geological processes that resulted in an unique combination of size, color and shape. Now, let me borrow a little text from the Grand Canyon brochure, simply because I couldn´t say it better: „Grand Canyon reveals a beautiful sequence of rock layers that serve as a window into time. The carving is only the most recent chapter, a geologic blink of an eye, in a long story. That long story includes rock nearly two billion years old, land masses colliding and drifting apart, mountains forming and eroding away, sea levels rising and falling, and relentless forces of moving water.“ You must simply see it for yourself.
What here: You can visit the Grand Canyon on 3 places: South Rim (open all year), North Rim (closes for the winter) and on the west side in a Hualapai indian reservation (Skywalk).

South and North Rim are oficial National Park sites with a parkinglot, info center, restaurants, some hotels and an entrance of 25 USD per car. You can check more information on:

Skywalk is a walk on a glass bridge over the incredible depth of the canyon. However, there is usually a big line to wait and many restrictions to obey, plus you are not allowed to drive in the reservation in your own car. You have to hop on their buses to visit Skywalk and other view points, leave your car at the parking-lot and pay for almost everything.

Next option is a helicopter! Now if you have money to spend this is the way to see Grand Canyon. You can fly all the way from Las Vegas, descend into the canyon where you will be served champagne and then fly back. All this costs about 500 USD per person. You can also hire a helicopter at the South Rim entrance and get a shorter and cheaper ride.
How to get here: You can drive to Skywalk within one day trip from Las Vegas, just take the 93 south. After Kingman get on the legendary road 66, drive through a nice countryside of cactuses and you are there. South Rim is basically the same way, just a little further, you must go on all the way to Williams (by the way a very nice “country” little town good for a sleepover) and there turn north on 64. GC is about one hour drive from Williams. North Rim is reachable from Utah through Kanab or Page cities.