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USA Acoma Pueblo (New Mexico)

370 feet above the desert floor, on the top of a mountain Acoma people once built their „pueblo“. They did so to be closer to the clouds, to the sky. Sometimes they also call it Sky City. Mud brick houses, huge white painted ladders, three water cisterns, one church from 1629, one tree and a line of wooden toilet booths. No electricity or water pipe. Just clouds, strong wind and a spectacular view. Most of Acoma people live today in modern setlements „down“ on the earth, the houses on the mountain are inhabitad only for the last 10 to 15 families. It still makes Acoma Pueblo the longest ever inhabited village in US today.
Acoma means: place that existed long before. According to some legends, first settlers built their town on an opposite Enchanted Mesa, but a huge storm took off all access paths and most of the houses. The history of Acoma people and the Pueblo dates back to as early as 1100 A.D.

What here: Acoma Pueblo can be visited only with a local guide (except for some festive days when they let you walk freely around). The tour is interesting and in about an hour you will see most of the Pueblo. On every corner there is a traditional ceramic „shop“. The pieces (some beautiful, others less beautiful) are made by families that still live on the mountain.

Entrance fee are 20 USD (including a permit to take pictures). Opening hours from 9 am to 5 pm (April to October), during the colder months of November till March it depends on weather. You can check it online or call 800-747-0181.
How to get here: Follow highway I-40. Going from Albuquerque, take exit 108 (the journey takes about one hour). Going from the west, the closer exit is 120. You need to leave your car in the visitor´s center and take the organized pueblo minibus up the mountain. Walking up is not anymore allowed.