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Central America Río Dulce (Guatemala)

Río Dulce is definitely one of the best experiences in Guatemala. The village of the same name is nothing much, just a big busy marketplace along the main road. However few steps behind it you will find the calm waters of Lake Izabal (the largest Guatemalan lake), mangrove trees, variety of birds, monkeys, yachts or small wooden canoes and the beginning of the Río Dulce. This “Sweet River” is about 45 kilometers long and serves as one of the very few ways to get to a small Garífuna town Livingstone at the shores of the Caribbean. It´s also a home of manatees, however seeing them is really difficult.
What here: Spend the night (or few nights) in one of the “hotels” on the Lake Izabal. They usually consist of wooden bungalows (some could be quite nice inside) scattered in the jungle. Most of them also serve as docks for small yachts. It is an amazing experience for nature lovers (be ready to see monkeys, hummingbirds, plants of all kinds but also bats and all kinds of insects!).

Take the boat ride on Río Dulce to Livingstone. If the captain is good, you will get to see the San Felipe Fort, small bays filled with water flowers, local life and much more!
How to get here: By bus from Flores (Tikal). Línea Dorada leaves everyday in the morning from Flores island, other bus companies leave from Santa Elena. The bus stops in front of the bridge in Río Dulce, to get a boat, just cross the street and walk down to the small dock.