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Central America Panama City (Panama)

Cobbled streets, colonial houses, cats crawling along the walls as mysterious shadows. Tall shiny skyscrapers rising from the ocean. Huge ships waiting to get their pass through the Miraflores lock chamber. Panama hats, rum, malaria mosquitoes, great seafood, native women in bright robes and freshly washed laundry on the shattered balconies… all that is Panama. A city full of beautifully shocking contrasts.
What here: You must see Casco Viejo which is located on a small peninsula. This part of the original Panama City is quickly being transformed to a touristic zone. Old colonial houses are getting fresh facades, small streets are filling up with cozy restaurants and cafés. Among all that you can find ruins of old churches, presidential palace, shadowy squares and from the walls of Casco Viejo great views to the new city full of skyscrapers.

A trip to the Miraflores lock chamber (the entrance to the Panama Canal) is another must see (even for ladies). You can take a city bus from the main bus terminal. The entrance fee is 7 US dollars. Should you wish to you can also buy a ride on a touristic boat through the canal all the way to the Caribbean side.

The very very original Panama City is nowdays in ruins. It was destroyed in 1671 by captain Morgan. The tower of the old church and some other walls covered in bush could be found on the outskirts of the new Panama City. They are home to some homeless people today, so if you go, you better don´t go alone or don´t wonder through there after dark.
How to get here: International airport is about one hour drive behind Panama City. Official cab costs between 20 to 25 USD. Bus terminal is situated on the other side of the city, closer to the Panama Canal. Buses to another Panama´s favorite destination, a small natural paradise Boquete (13 USD) depart from here daily.