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Central America Livingston (Guatemala)

This Caribbean village looks nothing like the rest of Guatemala. Its main inhabitants „Garifunas“ are descendents of African slaves brought over here many years ago for hard work. They escaped from Roatán island (Honduras), mixed with people living in the Caribbean and spread along the coast from Belize, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Honduras. They are friendly, noisy and with a visible likeness to party.
Livingstone lives from tourism (recently) and fishing. You should try the local specialty Tapado (fish and sea food in a yellow sauce with curry and coconut).
What here: You will only need about half an hour to explore Livingstone. There are few souvenir shops, good restaurants and some bars with life Caribbean music in the evening. The local beach is not exactly the best example of cleanness, I suggest you better take a trip to Playa Blanca. Try local travel agencies or rent a boat in the port, the only way to this small piece of paradise is on boat. Or walk from the village along the public beach for about 45 minutes and you will get to nice cascades in the jungle (beware that during the dry season they could get a little dry).

Where to stay:
There is a big classic hotel Villa Caribe (with a swimming pool and its own access to the beach). If you are on the budget, you can crash in the hostel in the very center of the village or in Casa Rosada, wooden cabins set around a beautiful garden at the river (my recommendation!).
How to get here: By boat. There are no roads to Livingstone! The most frequent boats come from Puerto Barrios (about 30 minutes cruise). Some days boats come also from Belize (Punta Gorda). If you are coming from Tikal, take a bus from Flores to the port in Río Dulce (3,5 hours) and than a boat to Livingstone. It’s a wonderful couple of hours cruise through jungle, exotic flowers and bird colonies. The Livingstone port is in the center of the village, you can basically just walk to your hotel.