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Central America León Viejo (Nicaragua)

At the foot of Volcano Momotombo are the ruins of León Viejo (Old León). This former Capital of Nicaragua established in 1524 was doomed. After only about a century it was abandoned, the houses collapsed during a huge earthquake and then were buried in ash from Momotombo. For centuries the city was lost. It was not until 1967 that his location was discovered at the shores of lake Managua.

Point of interest: The headless remains of Francisco Córdoba, the founder of both cities León y Granada, were found next to those of Pedrarias Dávila, the first governor that beheaded him. Ironically, these two ancient enemies are left here to rest side by side forever.

What here: Not much. All that is left from the old city are few walls. But there are various interesting trees around including cashew nuts and there is a beautiful view at the lake and volcanoes (Momotombo, Momotombito and El Hoyo) from what was once the city´s fortress. The tour will not take more than a hour, you have to pay an entrance.
How to get here: By a private transport or with a travel agency from León. Adventurous people can hop on a public bus from León to Managua and change in La Paz to Puerto Momotombo.