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Central America Hog Islands (Honduras)

Cayos Cochinos (Hog Islands) are 15 beautiful islands set on the north coast of Honduras in the Caribbean Sea. Two of them, Cayo Mayor and Cayo Menor, are real islands while most of the others 13 are just sand bumping up from the sea surface, with occasional palm tree or a wooden shack. But all of them are surrounded by beautiful crystal clear azure Caribbean water! Situated 17 km from shore and about 30 from La Ceiba (a nearby big city), they are today a protected area.

Point of interest: if you sum up all its surface, you will get about 2 square kilometers.

What here: Hog Islands are the ideal place for diving, snorkeling or just swimming in the crystal waters of Caribbean Sea. You can ask the locals to prepare you a fish for lunch or make a short walk through the foliage on one of the islands where Pink Boa snakes could be spotted. Actually, thought there are few, it is not so easy to spot them thanks to their good camouflage, so keep your eyes open!

One day trip is the usual way to visit the Hog Islands even thought there are possibilities to stay overnight. For more information contact the organization Cayos Cochinos or Centro Turístico Sambo Creek, Sometimes trips could be organized from La Ceiba (which is probably the best “base camp” around), but the city still lacks in tourist infrastructure. The price of trips varies, but usually you can get one from 45 to 55 USD.
How to get here: Small boats leave every morning from Nueva Armenia or Sambo Creek. It is worth to go early, because around two in the afternoon waves rise and the captains turn back to shore. You can take a cab or public transport from Ceiba (about half an hour).

Buses from San Pedro Sula come to La Ceiba about every hour (3,5 hours). To get to the hotel zone or center of the city, you need to take a cab from the bus station.