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Central America Cayo Jutías (Cuba)

If you are looking for a perfect one day or half day trip from Viñales, this is it. Cayo Jutías is a beautiful natural beach with soft sand and crystal blue-green water surrounded by mangle trees. It was originally an island that is now connected with the mainland by a 12 km long “bridge”. You will find foreign tourists as well as locals here, stylish restaurant with a nice view and old cadillacs parked in the shade of trees.
What here: Walk along the beach, swim and relax. Should you get hungry or thirsty, the only restaurant serves good food for very reasonable price. Its open deck offers shade and a very nice view of the beach. The service could take a while though. But hey, you are in the paradise so why the hurry? Next doors you can rent scuba equipment, pedal boat or arrange a boat trip to a nearby island Cayo Megano.
How to get here: As far as I know there are no buses that come here. So you can either drive your car or arrange with someone (there are many volunteers in Viñales). The ride takes about 45 minutes (from Viñales) a little longer from Pinar del Río. Beware that at the small booth where the embankment starts they will charge each (foreign) person 5 CUC. Keep your ticket, you are supposed to get a free drink at the beach restaurant (we never did).