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Pyramids Xochicalco (Morelos)

Xochicalco was built on the top of a hill and offers beautiful views to the surrounding valleys and a lake. During the dry season, the grass is yellow, but after the rains trees with big white flowers bloom all around the ancient palaces. That explains the name Xochicalco = Place of the house of the flowers. It was built as a fortress and divided to various levels. To the top one, only the priests and the royal family had access. The archaeological site is registered in the list of UNESCO.

Visit Xochicalco with me. You can find this destination in the offer of one day organized tours from Mexico City.

What here: In Xochicalco you will find various fields for ball games, breathtaking views, temazcal and the main pyramid dedicated to Quetzalcóatl. On its walls you can see the priests that came here to make a calendar adjustments. But the most interesting thing is the underground observatory. Basically a hole in the ground, a natural cave that was improved so the sun would go through only certain months and specify the time to sow and to harvest.

The site has a nice museum. Entrance fee: 57 pesos.
How to get here: Xochicalco ruins are situated south of Mexico City, about 38 km from Cuernavaca and not far from Taxco. To get here you must use private transport or get on a local bus from Cuernavaca.