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Pyramids Tulum (Quintana Roo)

Tulum is a small pyramid complex for beginners. They are nice though, located on a cliff over an azure beach with white sand. If you want you can actually combine archeology with a little bit of swimming. The resort is well preserved, neat paths lead around ancient walls, but the biggest pyramid measures only about 15 meters and it is prohibited to climb it anyway. Tulum ruins are full of tourists, leguanas and sun. Even though I would recommend Tulum, it is maybe the only pyramid complex right on the beach.

Open: Summer 8-19:00, winter 7-18:00. Entrance fee: 51 pesos.

What here:  
How to get here: Local minibuses leave from Tulum city main street. You can take a cab too, it is not far away. Or get on one of the big buses from Cancun to Tulum, some of them make a stop here. From the crossroad you need to walk some 15 minutes to the oficial pyramid entrance.