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Pyramids Tula (Hidalgo)

Most probably it used to be a center of the Toltec civilization. Among the years 900 and 1150, its population were some 35 thousand inhabitants. You have to walk a while through a dessert with cactus to reach the main pyramid complex. (By the way there are few nice souvenir shops with very good prices on the way.) Tula has a very well preserved construction that was used for the game called “Juego de Pelota”…an entertaining ball game for life or death. Bellow the main pyramid is a labyrinth of walls and pillars and on its unusually wide top stand statues resembling those from Eastern Islands.

Entrance fee: 41 pesos.
What here:  
How to get here: By bus from Mexico City (Terminal Norte). Buses leave every 40 minutes, the journey takes over an hour.