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Pyramids Tepozteco (Morelos)

Right above the city of Tepoztlán, on the high peaks stands, hidden in bushes, an old pyramid Tepozteco. It was dedicated to the God of Pulque (Tepoztecatl), a fermented alcoholic drink that you can try in Mexico City or here in the streets of Tepoztlán. But to get there you have to climb a steep rocky path. The climb is not easy and takes at least one hour up and 45 minutes down! Make sure to wear comfy shoes. Sometimes the rocks are wet and slippery.

Once you finally get there, the first thing you see is a guy behind a plastic table who will charge you 42 pesos (the entrance fee). Frankly, the small ancient structure is not worth it, but the views from the top of the mountain are just magnificent. Plus there´s another attraction, a small gang of tejones. Cute furry animals, that will do anything to get a nut. 
What here:  
How to get here: The path to the pyramid starts on the north side of Tepoztlán, about ten blocks from its centre.