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Pyramids Teotihuacán (Estado de México)

Only 50 km north from Mexico City in a big valley used to lay a center of a huge imperium. An imperium of 125 000 inhabitants, that ruled an important part of prehispanic Mexico between the years 250 to 600. An imperium, known as Teotihuacán (The City of Gods or sometimes also known as The city where men become Gods). Today you will find its two main pyramids (pirámide del sol y pirámide de la luna) still majestic, huge and well reserved. The large square that separates them is surrounded by many smaller pyramids and if you look around you will see bunch of green hills in the distance, undoubtedly other pyramids that are still waiting to be uncovered. Unfortunately, when you look around, you will also see cities, modern infrastructure and even a small factory which does not add to the feeling of these huge remote ruins.

Opens Monday to Sunday, from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm. Entrance fee is 64 pesos, Sundays free (sometimes free entrance is only for Mexicans or foreigners living in Mexico). Teotihuacán is one of few archeological sites in Mexico that do not close on Mondays.

Visit Teotihuacán with me. You can find this destination in the offer of one day organized tours from Mexico City.

What here: You can visit a factory that works obsidian, buy some souvenirs (cheap things as well as expensive beautiful masks with semiprecious stones) and try excellent mexican food in some of the nearby restaurants.
How to get here:
Buses from Mexico City (Terminal Norte) leave every 15 minutes and drop you in front of the pyramids' entrance. The journey takes about one hour.