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Pyramids Tajín (Veracruz)

In the green hills, on the north of the state of Veracruz is located a pyramid complex Tajín. In the original language of Totonacas, Tajín meant hurricane or storm. There are some nice big pyramids and reasonable amount of tourist. Nearby the ruins you can also watch a show called „Los Voladores“. Indians in original costumes climb up a very tall pole. Then hanging from a rope (head down) and giving turns around the pole they slowly descend to the ground. The rope that secures them is turned around their leg. It is a remake of an ancient ceremonial that was supposed to favor gods and assure better crop. More likely it looks like it might assure some injury.
What here:  
How to get here: The closest city where you can spend the night is Papantla. However a way nicer and slightly more distant option would be Tecolutla (situated at the golf sea). From both cities you can get to Tajín by bus.