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Pyramids Ruta Puuc (Yucatán)

Only in a countryside so flat as the Yucatán peninsula, could these few bums be called „hils“. That is actually the meaning of the word „Puuc“. Local Maya cities flourished here from the year 200 to 1000 A.D. The main one and most impressive was Uxmal, then Kabah, Labná and Sayil, but in total there were more than a hundred of setlements and ceremonial centers. These towns were often conected by long paths called „sacbé“. Since there were almost no rivers, water was scarce, special wells „chultunes“ had to be constructed and the god of rain Chaac had to be worshiped. That is why its ominous faces with wide eyes, open mouth and nose that resembles the elephant's trunk decorate the walls of most palaces.

What here: Except for Uxmal, you won´t find huge pyramids here. The architecture of Ruta Puuc consists more of palaces and arcs that are exceptionally decorative! Most buildings are kind of lost in the low jungle, covered by moss and envolved in silence of the ages. Forgett the crowds of Chichén Itzá, tourists are very few here. In Kabah you can admire the palace decorated with more than 300 Chaac masks. Sayil has also an impressive very long (85 meters) palace. This one however resembles more the Minoan Art from Crete, perhaps thanks to the many columns that are supporting it. Labná (my favorite) is famous thanks to its ceremonial arc, that perhaps onced marked the begining of one of the sacbé paths.

At the gate of each city you will find bathrooms and some very very basic snacks.

Entrance fee: 37 pesos (each)

How to get here: Kabah, Sayil and Labná all lay far from the main routes and there is no public transport that you coul use. Rent a car (driving here is easy) or hop on some of the organized trips from Campeche or Mérida. Ruta Puuc is actually a very good and entertaining way to get from one city to the other in a one day trip.