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Pyramids Paquimé (Chihuahua)

Archeological site Paquimé is in fact a huge labyrinth of thick mud walls. They were once painted white, the complex had various floors and an intelligent system of water canals that brought also the warm thermal water from nearby. The windows and doors are very small and usually have a „T“ shape common for the prehispanic constructions of that area. Their size was a safety precaution. Archeologists speculate that the culture that once inhabited Paquimé was close to the cultures from the south of United States (anasazi, mogolón and holokan).
When the Spanish came, the city of Paquimé was already long abandoned. Its last splendor was around year 1200. It served as ceremonial and commercial center, the venders travelled from Paquimé to the Pacific Ocean, often finding refuge on their long journey in the cave houses, such as Cuarenta Casas.
Today, much is waiting to be explored yet. There are very few visitors. The climate is very hot, it is worth to get here early morning when its still some refreshing 30 degrees °C, because normally it gets up to 44!!! Next to the ruins there is a very modern museum with a small cafe inside.

Tip: Nearby the archeological site is a nice hotel Las Guacamays. It is a very good choice for those who find the city of Nuevo Casas Grandes (where the rest of the hotels are) rather on the edge.

Entrance: According to the flyer the entrance fee is 38 pesos, however they let us pass free. The museum opens at 10 am to 5 pm and charges 49 pesos.
What here:  
How to get here: Every hour (from 8 am to 8 pm) a local yellow bus leaves from Nuevo Casas Grandes (near the railway) to Casas Grandes. It takes about 20 minutes and 7,50 pesos. Once in Casas Grandes (nicer, smaller and more friendly than their new version) you still have to walk 15-20 minutes to the site. To get back catch the same bus on the main square/park in Casas Grandes.

Even though Casas Grandes is way nicer than Nuevo Casas Grandes there are no accommodation possibilities (except for already mentioned hotel Las Guacamays). Moreover long distance buses only come to Nuevo Casas Grandes.