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Pyramids Muyil (Quintana Roo)

Small and pretty Maya ruins Muyil are set in the jungle about 22 km from Tulum. Well hidden and still unknown to the crowds of tourist, this archeological site is a perfect half day trip from Tulum. Muyil used to trade with other Maya cities. It is close to a lagoon and many water canals that served as commercial routes. It s second name is „Chunyaxche“ which means “wide trunk of Ceiba”, Ceiba being the sacred three.
What here: There are 3 main temples surrounded by jungle and many small hills covered by foliage. Under those lay hidden more ancient buildings. The main pyramid “El Castillo” has a unique form, is very steep and probably served also as a lighthouse! It is about 17 meters tall, but access is forbidden.

Walk around it to the other side where you will find a small path. Follow it for about 5 minutes to a booth (there might or might not be a guy charging you 50 pesos :). The trail behind leads into the marshes with Copal tree, Spanish Cedar, Palma and Strangler Fig, around a shaky view tower (nothing for sissies) and ends at a lagoon where you can hire a boat.

To see Muyil, you need about 30 minutes. To walk the trail (there and back) add 1 hour.

Entrance fee Muyil ruins: 29 pesos, opens daily: 8:00am to 5:00pm.
How to get here: Muyil is part of the natural reserve Sian Ka´an. To get there, follow the main road from Tulum to Chetumal. You need to rent a car or motorbike, public transport is scarce. About 22 km from Tulum, you will see the entrance on your left side. There is a small parking lot and toilets, but nothing else.