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Pyramids Monte Albán (Oaxaca)

On the peaks of the beautiful Oaxaca mountains, among the clouds, lay an antique center of Zapotecas, pyramids Monte Albán. Monte Albán means “white mountain”. And it truly looks like as if the small fluffy white clouds are almost touching the tops of the ancient pyramids. The complex is huge and very interesting. The "gran plaza" (big square) on the top of the mountain measures 8 thousand square meters and will give you an amazing 360 degree view. Usually there are not so many visiters, so you can enjoy the old Zapotec capital without being much disturbed.
Monte Alban was founded around 500 BC and abandoned around 950 AD with a population that reached 25 000 in its peak.

Entrance fee: 64 pesos.
What here: A walk through the pyramids takes about 2 hours, a small adjacent museum is worth seeing. You can refresh yourself in a café with a beautiful view on the mountains. There is also a souvenir shop and gold jewellery boutique with great but really expensive stuff.
How to get here: Buses leave every hour from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm in front of the hotel Rivera del Ángel in Oaxaca city (about six blocks southwest of the Zócalo). The irde takes about 30 minutes and the return trip costs about 38 pesos.