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Pyramids Malinalco (Estado de México)

On the hills above Malinalco, a small picturesque city, stands an old pyramid dedicated to the warriors of jaguar and eagle. The main temple is actually engraved into the rock (and nowdays temporarily roofed). It has an eagle and jaguar altars inside. As in any good Aztec altar, the blood ran here freely. The blood of the warriors, that came here to purify themselves and prepare for the next battle. The pyramid was constructed by Aztecs at the end of the 15th century. Many visitors come on the 21th of December to see a ray of light which comes through the temples´ entrance and lightens the eagle inside (if the constellation is right).

Comparing it to the ruins of Tepozteco (in a nearby Tepoztlán), the ascent is easier, people are fewer and the old buildings better preserved. Plus you get some magnificent views to the countryside, Malinalco town and its trees with pink and purple flowers.

Open: Tuesday to Domingo, 9:00 am to 5:30 pm, 46 pesos. Domingo free (that sometimes applies only to Mexicans or foreigners permanently living in Mexico)

Visit Malinalco with me. You can find this destination in the offer of one day organized tours from Mexico City.

What here:  
How to get here: Just follow the signs through the small streets from the centre of Malinalco. The climb should take about half an hour. The path is well preserved, sometimes with small steps. To get to Malinalco, you need to take a bus from Mexico City (Terminal Poniente, subway station Observatorio). The journey takes about two hours. If you go by car, get off Mexico City towards Toluca and once passed Marquesa follow the signs Santiago Tianguistenco, Chalma or Malinalco.