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Pyramids La Quemada (Zacatecas)

About 45 kilometers from a beautiful colonial city Zacatecas, above on a hill stand unique ruins called La Quemada (burned city). The history of this place is a big mystery, the only fact is that it was destroyed in a huge fire. Broken walls of the ancient city (300 to 1200 AD) merge with the nature, dry red soil, stones and small bushes. From distance the ruins are almost invisible. Some believe this place was inhabited by the Aztecs on their journey and search for what later became their kingdom Tenochtitlán (in the valley of Mexico).

What here: Right at the entrance you will find an interesting hall “Salón de las Columnas” with huge pillars that once sustained a ceiling. Following up the hill you will find a ball court “juego de pelota”, a small but steep pyramid, long steep stairways and rests of the palaces and residential buildings. Once all the way up the view is amazing!
The site has a modern and interesting museum (which, I admit, I saw just from the outside). The museum entrance is additional 10 pesos and includes a guided tour through the ruins. Good deal!

Opens: daily from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, 41 pesos.
How to get here: Take a micro from Zacatecas that goes to Villa Nueva (Lopez Mateos street, in front of the bank Banorte). They leave every 30 minutes and the journey takes a little more than half an hour. Ask the driver to get you off at the crossroads then follow the narrow street under the hot darn sun for another 30 minutes. Quite a walk, I recommend you take water and some hat.

You can also take a tour, there are few agencies in Zacatecas that organize trips to La Quemada, sometimes combining them with a visit to a little village Jerez (a magical God forsaken place). The cost is about 350 pesos. Hostal Villa Colonial sometimes makes trips just to the ruins for 100 pesos.