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Pyramids Cuarenta Casas (Chihuahua)

About forty kilometers from Madera, high inside the caves of the mountains are hidden small houses from clay. Hundreds of years ago they served as temporary refuge for venders traveling from the ancient centre of commerce Paquimé to the Pacific. When the Spanish came, in mid 16th century, the mountain houses were inhabited by Native Americans called „jovas“.
These small mud houses are as if glued to the tiny cracks on the sides of the canyons. Its doors are made in the shape of the letter „T“, which is identical with the Paquimé culture. From the other side of the canyon you can distinguish 4 such caves with houses, however at the present time only one, the biggest, is accessible „La Ventana“. Getting there you will cross a small river „Río Chico“. Here you can refresh yourself (by swimming in it or drinking it...yes the water is actually drinkable...tried on my own stomach). Because of your own safety and conservation of the site you have to be accompanied by one of the local safeguards.
On the way you watch for small poisonous snakes. The guards usually go first and move a big stick in front of them.
The path is not exactly smooth, this is not a flip flop walk. Get good shoes.

Entrance: Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm. No fee.
What here:  
How to get here: At six am there is a bus leaving from Madera to El Largo which will leave you on the main road in front of the gate (45 pesos, one hour). You will be here at seven already, however they open the gate between 9 and 10 so you might wait here a while. The countryside is nice. The mornings are coldish. Once inside you have to walk some 15 minutes to a house where you register yourself. To get down the canyon and up again to the clay houses count with an hour. The bus back to Madera passes by between 4 and 4:30 pm. If you do not plan to stay too long or get down to the canyon (just see the cave houses from the other side) you can also take the later bus that leaves Madera at 12 and drops you of at 1 pm in front of the gate.