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Pyramids Cobá (Quintana Roo)

Cobá is different. More misterious, more dark and lost in the deep jungle. Cobá, is more resembling the Guatemalan Tikal than the rest of the ruins on the Yucatán Peninsula. The pyramids are rather tall mounds of stones, peaking above the trees. Ancient Mayas built this city between two lakes, surrounded by deep jungle, spider nets (yes, there are spiders, but small ones mainly :) and on a crossroads of various „sacbés“ (old paths). These sacbés often led from one city to another, measuring many kilometers. According to the stelaes, it looks that Cobá was once governed by women, perhaps women from Tikal. Cobá is also older than most nearby Maya ruins such as Chichen-Itzá, the city flourished between the years 700 to 1100 AD.
What here: The main pyramid is called Nonoch Mul (huge mound). It stands on a hill and truly resembles a huge mound. Its partly broken stairway leads to the height of 42 meters and you can climb it! If you want. Most structures in Cobá are far from each other and are connected by ancient pathways called „sacbé“. The longest one has almost 100 kilometers and leads to a Mayan village Yaxuna. The best way to see all Cobá is to rent a bike at the entrance (35 pesos) or a trolley with a driver (100-170 pesos). You can also walk, the sacbés are like wide tunnels covered by foliage.

Opens daily, entrance fee 51 pesos.

There are few cenotes nearby Cobá. Few minutes by car or by taxi that will wait for you and charge about 200-250 pesos (roundtrip).
How to get here: Any bus (including ADO) from Tulum to Valladolid can drop you off at Cobá. Sometimes they will enter all the way to the entrance, sometimes they will leave you at the beginning of the village. I guess that depends on the mood of the driver. If that happens, just walk towards the lake and turn left once at the lake, the walk takes about 15 minutes. Cobá is a small village (300 inhabitants). There are few hotels and many restaurants with local food. The journey from Tulum takes about 45 minutes and costs 44 pesos (with ADO).