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Pyramids Chichén Itzá (Yucatán)

Chichén Itzá are one of the most visited pyramids in Mexico. However it is a while since I have been here, so here is the little I still remember. Many people, many sellers of souvenirs for incredible prices…almost as if they would have “found” them. The main pyramid (Pirámide de Kukulcán. A God, feathered snake, in central Mexico known as Quetzalcóatl. Mayans called him Kukulcán) is steep and high. You better think twice before climbing up, because getting down (when you see the steep steps) might be worse. My feats were sweating even in flipflops (which by the way is not the best footwear). Chichén Itzá has a very well preserved playground for „Juego de Pelota“. There is an interesting building decorated by human sculls and 5 minutes walk from the pyramids is a Cenote Sagrado. A natural pond among the rocks (60 meters wide and 35 deep). Mayans believed that cenotes were the entrances to the “inframundo” (underworld). And if it is truth what they say about Mayas and their taste for blood, on the bottom of this deep dark pond, next to the old ceramics and jewellery pieces humans bones lay as well.

Entrance fee: 166 pesos. Opens daily 8 am to 5 pm.
What here: If you have some extra time you can visit other cenote, Ik Kill, 3 km from the pyramids. Its water is dark, its surface is smooth and it is deep under the earth in a natural wide cave. It is here for you so you can actually swim in it! I did! I was the only one. Supposedly, not all cenotes were sacrificial places, still I didn´t feel like having a long bath. In the dark water, even darker fish swim and when you look up, to the cave´s opening, you will see sunrays and tropical plants that crawl down the sides of the cave. Nowdays this cenote is part of a resort with restaurants, so you have to pay entrance.
How to get here: By bus from Cancun (first class, direct: about 2 hours, second class about 4 hours). You can also come and spend the night in a nearby city Pisté or Valladolid