Are you looking for a perfect guide to Mexico? Do you need information about mexican hotels, hostels, transport, food, women, men, animals, politics or history? Recent news? Photos? Destinations? I LIVE IN MEXICO is a very personal, up to date and above all drasticaly subjective travel guide to Mexico. A guide for people that like to get to know this wonderful country in a non boring and rather adventurous way...
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The Climate

Mexico has two basic climates, the dry season and the wet season (begins sometime in May and ends between September and October). Still it is possible to travel here even during the wet season, the rain is not consistent. It is rather a strong afternoon storm after which usually the sun comes up again. Occasionally, in September, a hurricane sleeks at the sea coast and that is when you don´t want to be here.

If you are going to travel in lowland, coast or desert it will always be hot. Even with a rain the temperature won´t fall much and you will be comfortable in shorts and a T-shirt. But if you are heading to the mountains (for example Chiapas) or even Mexico City (2200m above sea level) you better take a jacket. During the winter months the temperature could fall to 15 °C (70°F) during the day and almost to zero (32°F) during the night!

The best time to go to Mexico is from the end of February to the end of May or from October to November.

BEWARE going to Mexico during Semana Santa (Eastern Holidays)! This is probably the biggest Mexican holidays and lasts about one week. Mexico City depopulates and all its 18 millions inhabitants attack the best touristic destinations in the entire country. The prices go up even more than during Xmas. If you still insist that you must go to Mexico during Eastern, then at least reserve your hotel way (and I mean way) ahead and get ready for a “body on body” beach.