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Sea and Beaches Zipolite (Oaxaca)

One of my favorite beaches, if not the favorite. I remember, the first time I came here (slightly bemused from the neighboring touristy Playa Escondida). I sat in the sand eating “ceviche” (raw fish salad) having a beer and I felt like I found a paradise. The long sand beach with few big rocks in the middle, cliffs on the sides, strong waves that scare you while at the same time  invite you to jump in, wooden shacks, yoga people, gay people, naked people…I felt good.

I know, it all sounds a little crazy, but the fact is in Zipolite everyone can do what he likes and no one gets offended. There is a natural tolerance and understanding among its inhabitants. Yogers welcoming the first sun light, guys holding hands, fat local fishermen smoking  joints or nudist with red butts. Even though tourism is growing in Zipolite, the beach keeps it´s natural look and the prices are low welcoming many backpackers.

You can find a “cabaňa” right at the beach with a view at the magic ocean for some 100 pesos a night. There is also one hostel or if you are really on tight budget, then ask someone if you can put your “hamaca” in their patio. They probably charge you 20 pesos daily. And for those that prefer solid walls there are few very small hotels.
What here:
Apart from swimming or learning yoga you can take a walk (a long walk) along the road towards a small port Puerto Angel. Before you get to its bay, turn right on a dirt road that leads to a small lighthouse. You get some magnificent views. By the way there is an ok beach at Puerto Angel that has smaller waves. The walk should take you about an hour. You can also use a cab or “colectivo” that looks just like cab and passes by frequently.
How to get here: Get on a bus to Pochutla. It is a long drive from Mexico City (Tasqueňa), a little shorter if you choose buses that go through Acapulco and along the beach. From Pochutla you have two choices. Cab or “colectivo”. Colectivo is just like a cab, only they squeeze five (or more) people in and you end up paying some 5 pesos instead of 50. Because of local disputes sometimes the same colectivo couldn´t go all the way to Zipolite, you had to change in Puerto Angel. The ride takes about 20 minutes.