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Sea and Beaches San Blas (Nayarit)

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The city of mosquitos. San Blas is a small port city about 62 kilometers from the capital of Nayarit, Tepic. It is surrounded by thousands of water canals and swamps with mangrove trees and alligators. And mosquitos. Definitely take repellent with you!!!
The city itself has an old central square where most restaurants, cafes and cheap to middle range hotels can be found. Walking about 15 to 20 minutes from the square you will get to the beach. There you can find more restaurants and some rather “austere” possibilities of accommodation in the cabanas right at the beach. The beach is sandy, wide and shallow which means you can jump into the big waves without worries. It is a favorite spot of many surfers. In the 18th century, San Blas used to be an important port on the Pacific coast. Today, it is a small town with few pretty streets, traditional square with a church and some not so fancy corners which you rather pass by fast.
What here: The beach is ok. Bit busy though. You can take a car (or bus) and visit some other smaller beaches on the coast. The closest one is „Los Cocos“ (20 minutes) or a pretty small bay „Platanitos“ (1 hour).

On a hill above the city is an old fortress „El Fuerte“, sometimes also called „La Contaduría“. Stone walls, cannons, beautiful view of San Blas and mosquitos (of course). On the way to the fortress you will also pass by ruins of an old church hidden among palm trees „Templo de la Virgen del Rosario“. There is a small fee charged for at the entrance. You can take a cab from San Blas´square (about 25 pesos) or walk, if you like to walk in a crazy humid heat, for about half an hour.
Other option is to visit the water canals “La Tovara” where you can see alligators, mangroves, different species of birds, palm trees and lianas. The entrance “embarcadero” can be found father behind San Blas, use a cab.
Local gourmet specialties are banana bread (which is not so much Mexican) and fresh smoked fish which you will see on the grills of many restaurant.

Where to stay:

Hotel Morelos. A budget place ideal for backpackers. Family run small hotel is situated only two blocks from the main square. The rooms are a bit tiny, but ok, with own bathroom and tv. On the inside patio with many flowers is a small shared kitchen and a fridge. The internet connection is available even though sometimes it does not work perfectly.
Price: 200 pesos. Street H Batallón 108, colonia Centro. Tel: (323) 285 1345,

Casa María. „Mi casa es tu casa“ (my house is your house). That is the very truthful slogan of this family hotel, just one corner from Hotel Morelos. Today was the birthday of the granma (and co-owner) and you can literally say that the entire hotel turned into one big fiesta. Rooms are spacious and have own bathroom and tv. The windows lead to an inside open hall. You might prefer the rooms at the first or second floor which have more light. At the entrance everyone gets greeted by huge parrots.
Price: 300 pesos. Street Canalizo 67 Sur, colonia Centro. Tel: (323) 285 1057.

If you want to stay right at the beach, try „Stoners“ cabañas. In the price of accommodation is included a bicycle for your use which comes handy. Price 150-400 pesos.
How to get here: Take a direct bus from Tepic (The Capital of Nayarit) to San Blas. The bus terminal in San Blas is located on the main city square, about 15 minutes from the beach. The buses leave every hour.