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Sea and Beaches Puerto Escondido (Oaxaca)

If you are a young American surfer or a chick that is into young American surfers, then go. If not, then better skip this place.

The beach is nice, long, with amazing waves. There are few other bays nearby. The town beach "Playa Carrizalillo" is in its smaller part actually swimmable, the rest is better for surfing. The accommodation is rather in the centre of the town, there are many hostels and hotels. And for the evening life, lots of cafés, restaurants and bars. Personally, I don´t think Puerto Escondido is so "hidden" or "undiscovered" as its name suggests, but it is ok to spend few days here.

What here:
Surf and party.

Where to stay: You can try the Hostal Shalom which offers dorms, private rooms, cabañas and camping area.

How to get here: Bus from Mexico City (7 to 10 hours), the faster buses go through Acapulco. You can also take a bus or minibus from Oaxaca city, 6 hours, 150 pesos. It is worth to see other Oaxaca beaches, such as Zipolite or Mazunte (about an hour from Puerto Escondido).