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Sea and Beaches Pie de la Cuesta (Guerrero)

Once you get fed up of noisy Acapulco and feel like something wild, cheap and abandoned get on one of local busses going west along the coast and ask them to stop at a place called Pie de la Cuesta. It is about half an hour from Acapulco. The beach is wide, almost empty and the waves are HUGE. You will be surprised to find some small family run nice hotels with own swimming pools for very reasonable prices (200-400 pesos). But do not wander to the small streets, it´s a little on the wild side (lots of drug business).

Check this out:
You are in Guerrero. It is very possible that someone on the beach will try to sell you "coca" or other stuff. Do not bring it with you to Mexico City. Most buses get checked, on the way to Acapulco for guns, on the way from Acapulco for drugs. I suggest you have the party right at the beach.
What here: Try VAYMA Beach Club. It offers a small pool, bar with good coctails, restaurant, sunbeds and shades. Price is ok, not too expensive neither cheap. Dogs are wellcome :) people too :) VAYMA also offers nice rooms to stay.
Right across the road you will find a huge lagoon with possibilities of water sports.
How to get here: Local buses leave from Acapulco. It is about half an hour. Or with your own car, following the road 200 you will be there in 20 minutes.