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Sea and Beaches Mazunte (Oaxaca)

Mazunte is smaller and on the first look maybe prettier beach neighboring to Zipolite. On one side (where the Tortuguero is situated) you will find black sand, on the other yellow. Cliffs, see through water and slightly smaller waves than in Zipolite.

Unfortunately, the air is filled with dope and if you are not a hippie or a copy of Bob Marley, you might feel slightly out of place. This is probably also the reason why nice and cheap accommodation is hard to find here. Looks like the locals had their own experience and they stopped caring. Last time I was here judging from the spots on the mattress in my room it had a wild history and the shared toilet splashed just occasionally. But if you are willing to pay more, some 450 pesos a night, you might actually get a very nice bungalow at “El Architecto”. The rooms are naturally luxurious surrounded by green and some with a nice view at the beach. I truly recommend it.
What here:
Visit the Aquarium of Turtles, Tortuguero! The entrance fee is symbolic and there are more than 9 different turtle species to be seen in its outside or inside pools.
How to get here:
The same way as to Zipolite. From there you can continue with a small truck “colectivo”. If you are on a bus from Mexico City that is coming along the coast from Acapulco, ask the driver to get you off at the gas station before getting to Pochutla. From there cabs drive to Mazunte in ten minutes.