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Sea and Beaches Mazatlan (Sinaloa)

Mazatlan is a resort similar to Acapulco. Very Mexican. Right next to the beach of yellow sand there is a very busy avenue. The seafood here is very good and affordable. The newer and more expensive beach hotels are situated out of Mazatlan more up to the west on Zona Dorada (900 pesos and up). If you are looking for cheap accommodation, check around the bus terminal area (150 a night). The old town center with its few traditional buildings, restaurants and cafés in the shade of green parks is a pleasant surprise. After nightfall it looks especially good. 
What here: Apart from the usual, nothing comes to my mind. Wait, no, one thing. On the other side of the old town center, high up on a cliff there is a lighthouse. The city bus leaves you nearby. But to climb up you´ll have to use your own legs. It is half an hour of swift walk. And burning sun.
How to get here:
By bus from Mexico City (17 hours) or 8 hours from Guadalajara. Or you can fly here from Mexico City. There is ferry connection between Mazatlán and La Paz (Baja California).