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Sea and Beaches Hacienda de Cabaňas and Tetitlán (Guerrero)

Both places are very similar and in fact very close to each other. Tetitlán has a beautiful lagoon and is overall a little nicer (my opinion), on the other hand in Hacienda de Cabaňas we had the best fish ever „Huachinango a la Talla“. It was served in a very rustic looking place called El Pirata! I basically stepped into their „kitchen“, chose the fish and watch them do it :)

Both places are separated from mainland by lagoons, so you need to hire a boat to get there. Those are always present at the shore and charge a very small fee of 5-10 pesos per person. The other side is permanently washed by strong Pacific waves. Simple „enramadas“ offer fresh seafood and cold beer. It is a 100% Mexican experience.

This is a place of adventures, explorers, hippies and locals. Locals are usually very friendly. Nevertheless you should not call attention (for example by wearing expensive watch) and also bare in mind that drug dealers might be operating in the area.

What here: Truly, there is not much to do here. One night or even just one afternoon should be enough. Swim, sip on your beer or cold „coco“ while watching others doing the same. You can also hire a boat and go for a ride on the lagoon, see some birds and mangroves.

Where to stay:
This might be a problem. There are no hotels. People usually bring their own tent or you can try and ask at those „enramadas“, some of them have very simple room or two available upstairs. They usually want about 200 pesos a night, but they don´t promote those rooms officially. You can leave I-phone at home since there is no internet and phone signal is very poor.
How to get here: You need your own (or rented) car. Follow the road 200 along the coast from Acapulco towards Pie de la Cuesta and Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo. After a little less then 2 hours driving you will see Hacienda de las Cabaňas, about 20 minutes more Tetitlán. It is better not to drive during the night!