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Sea and Beaches Boca del Cielo (Chiapas)

Hot. Abandoned. Natural. Local. The sand beach looks more like a huge dune between the ocean and a lake on the other side. You actually have to get here crossing the lake. To stay here you can either rent a wooden shack or a wooden shack because that´s all there is. The night life consist of you, plastic chair and a bottle of beer. Few palm trees. No store. But the owners of whichever wooden shack you decided to stay in will happily cook you anything you like and supply the cold beer. It is very peaceful, you can count the tourists on the fingers of your one hand. The night costs from 70-100 pesos.
What here: Lay down, swim, drink cold beer. And when you get bored, put on the wrestling masks (that you bought in Mexico City of-course) and start fighting in the sand and water like we did.
How to get here:
By bus from Tuxtla Gutiérrez to Tonalá (4hours). From Tonalá by local bus. To cross the small lake and get to the island you have to use a small boat (Each owner of the boat usually owns some of the shacks. If you stay with him, the cruise is free, if not you pay a small fee).